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Vert Trainer

Vert Trainer


The Vert Trainer is the ultimate vertical jump training tool, offering all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market. Unlike other bulky and heavy products, the Vert Trainer is light and portable, allowing you to use it at home, take it to the gym, the park, or anywhere else you want to work on your jumping skills.


With easy set-up and simple instructions, kids as young as 6 and adults up to 60 will have a blast using the Vert Trainer to improve and test their vertical jump. Say goodbye to expensive and cumbersome training and testing equipment - the Vert Trainer is the affordable and convenient solution for basketball players, volleyball players or anyone looking to increase their vertical leap.

SKU: 364215376135191

    If you want to jump higher, these are the most important things you need to do: 

    • perform max effort jumps trying to touch as high as possible
    • measure how high your jumps are
    • track and share your progress

    The Dunk Camp Vert Trainer is the best and most affordable product on the market to help you do all of these things! 

    • Scales from 4'6" all the way to 12' so athletes young and old, beginner to elite, can easily test and track their vertical jump
    • Accurate to the 1/2" so you no longer have to guess what your vertical jump
    • Use our app and do our workouts to track and share your progress and compete for prizes including a spot at The Dunk Camp!

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