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The Dunk Camp, World Dunk Association and several of the best dunkers in the world have collaborated to develop a ranking system for dunkers called "Dunk Levels". Dunk Levels are similar to belts in martial arts and are represented by colored bands worn on the wrist. 

There are 4 Dunk Levels with varying degrees based on rim height (8', 9', and 10'):

  • Beginner (White, Yellow, Orange)

  • Intermediate (Light Green, Green, Dark Green)

  • Advanced (Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue)

  • Elite (Purple, Brown, Black)

There is also a 5th Level - called "Master" that we have not yet finalized. The Master Level will be specific to 10' rims only and will include some additional requirements we are still working on. Only the very best dunkers in the world will be able to qualify for this level. We are also working on a Women's version of The Dunk Levels.

All mainstream competitive sports have some type of ranking system or classification based on the age, ability, skill, etc. of the athlete. We believe Dunk Levels are an important step in the evolution of dunking to become an official sport as well as enhance learning and development.

The goal is to grow the sport, provide motivation and guidance for progressing your dunk skills, and have a ton of fun along the way. 

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Beginner and Intermediate Dunks.jpg
Advanced and Elite Dunks.jpg
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