Here's what to bring and not bring to camp!

Bring to camp:

  • Plenty of basketball shorts, shirts, socks, and underwear (camp is 4 days long)

  • Basketball shoes

  • Comfortable shoes (slides, sandals, etc.)

  • Light jacket or sweatshirt (Utah is a desert and can get cool at night)

  • Yoga mat (we do yoga every day and it’s much more comfortable on a mat)

  • Money for dinner (lunch is included, breakfast is included if you stay at the camp hotel)

  • Snacks (we will have light snacks at camp but you may want more to eat)

  • Swimsuit (if you’re staying at the hotel) 


  • Basketball (we will have lots of basketballs, but you may want to have your own) 

Don't bring to camp:

  • Notebook (you will get one) 

  • Refillable water bottle (you will get one)