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Meet and learn from the best dunkers and trainers in the world


​"The dunk camp is legit the best week of my life!"
-Eugene Wong (Canada)


"Unforgettable experience. A life changer for real."
-Doug Patterson (Michigan)


"Best camp ever and I'm not exaggerating."

-Dane Ibsen (Washington)

"Most hype camp I've ever been to."

-Josh Rinker (California)

"The Most Fun Week Of My Entire Life!"
-Jason "Jaysmoove" McCoy (Michigan)


Building on the success of our inaugural camp in 2018 and our sophomore camp in 2019, we are again bringing together some of the best dunkers and trainers in the world to teach the secrets of dunking and jumping at The Dunk Camp 2020. At The Dunk Camp, you will learn how to:

  • Warm-up

  • Jump (approach​, arm-swing, penultimate step, take-off, and landing)

  • Dunk (basic through advanced)

  • Train properly

  • Recover

  • Stretch

  • Think properly and use visualization

  • Eat right

  • Avoid injuries

  • Recover from injuries

Each participant will be pre and post tested on their vertical jump and jump technique. This data will be kept in our Dunker Database and will allow you to see how you compare with other dunkers similar to how P3 is able to compare NBA athletes. Every aspect of jumping and dunking is broken down and studied to accelerate learning and progress. Each athlete receives a 12 week training program to take home to continue their training and building on what they learned at camp.

At the end of the camp, participants will get to show off their hops in a dunk contest (low rims and regulation) judged by our pro dunkers for sweet prizes and bragging rights.

The Dunk Camp finale will be an epic Dunk Show put on by our pro dunkers and the top dunker from the camp. All attendees from the camp can participate during warm-ups where they can try to land their first dunk or new dunks!




Do you know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your vertical jump? How many inches are you missing out on because of poor jump technique? Would you like to learn directly from some of the best dunkers and trainers in the world?

Whether you are dreaming of landing your first dunk, getting your hops back, or taking your jumping and dunking to the next level, The Dunk Camp will teach you how to get there and do it faster.

More reasons to attend The Dunk Camp:

  • Improve faster than ever before! Check out some of the results from The Dunk Camp in 2018 and 2019:

    • 81% increased their no-step vertical jump from Day 1 to Day 4

    • 75% increased their full approach vertical jump from Day 1 to Day 4

    • 8 attendees landed their very first dunk on 10 feet

    • Several attendees landed new dunks they had never done before

  • Meet, learn and train with some of the best dunkers and trainers in the world

  • Get a clear picture of your current ability and what it will take to get better

  • Learn the proper way to train to maximize and accelerate results

  • Pre and post vertical jump testing

  • ​​Learn advanced dunks (windmill, 360, eastbay, behind-the-back, etc.) 

  • Gain inches on your vertical jump quickly by improving your jump technique

  • Enhance every part of your game and your confidence

  • 12 week training program 

  • Dunking (even on low rims) is one of the funnest things in the world!



At The Dunk Camp, you get to learn from the best dunkers and trainers in the world!

Photo Aug 31, 8 08 51 AM.jpg


 Pro Dunker

Photo Aug 26, 11 33 45 AM.jpg


 Pro Dunker

tyler ray.jpg


 Project Pure Athlete
"The Jump Guy" 
Jump Technique Specialist/CSCS

jordan kilganon.jpg


 Pro Dunker



 Pro Dunker



 YouTube Dunker



 Pro Dunker



 Pro Dunker

jumping diamond head age 5.jpg


 Founder of The Dunk Camp

"Over the Hill Dunker" 



Below is a just a preview of the schedule and does not include every session or activity.

It is just to give you an idea of what a day at The Dunk Camp will be like.

Final schedule will be released as we get closer to the camp. 

  • registration
  • mental training
  • pre-testing
  • lunch
  • presentations
  • jump technique
  • dunk session
  • yoga
  • mental training
  • jump technique
  • dunk technique
  • recovery
  • lunch
  • jump technique
  • presentations
  • dunk session
  • yoga
  • mental training
  • q & a session with trainers
  • jump technique
  • dunk technique
  • recovery
  • lunch
  • q & a session with pro dunkers
  • presentations
  • recovery
  • yoga
  • post-testing
  • dunk contests
  • lunch
  • awards and closing ceremony
  • THE DUNK SHOW (7:00 pm)


Are you still having The Dunk Camp on the scheduled dates (June 22 - 25)?

Yes. We are still planning to hold The Dunk Camp on the scheduled dates. We are watching things closely and will let all our attendees know if we will have to reschedule due to the pandemic.

Stay safe out there!

Will we get a refund if The Dunk Camp is cancelled due to the pandemic?

If we reschedule The Dunk Camp 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will give attendees the option of a refund or applying their registration fees towards attending The Dunk Camp on the rescheduled dates. 


How much does it cost to attend The Dunk Camp?

Early Bird discounted rate = $750 (available until Dec 31)

Regular registration rate = $1,000 (between Jan 1 and March 31)

Late registration rate = $1,250 (between April 1 and June 1)

Lodging is not included in the prices above but can be added for $250 (based on 5 nights with double occupancy). See below for more details on our hotel block. 

What is included in the registration fee?

Access to all the camp activities including pre and post testing, 12 week training program, jump technique analysis and training, various recovery tools and methods, yoga, dunk contests, lunch and snacks each day of camp, The Dunk Show, and an official The Dunk Camp jersey.

Do you offer payment plan options?

Yes. Registration and lodging (if applicable) costs can be divided into 2 equal payments. See the registration page for more details.

How old do I need to be to attend The Dunk Camp?

Age 14 and up. We also welcome "older" athletes who want to get their hops back or take their athleticism to the next level.

What is the cancellation policy?

100% refunds until January 31, 2020

50% refunds between February 1, and March 31, 2020

NO REFUNDS after April 1, 2020

If we reschedule The Dunk Camp 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will give attendees the option of a refund or applying their registration fees towards attending The Dunk Camp on the rescheduled dates.

What is the schedule? When does it start and end?

  • Mon, June 22: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Tue, June 23: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Wed, June 24: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Thu, June 25: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm followed by The Dunk Show at 7:00 pm

Where will The Dunk Camp be held?

At the Karl Malone Training Center in Lehi, Utah. It has 3 full courts and a training area with all the equipment we need for testing and workouts. The facility is located approximately 35 miles from the Salt Lake City Airport.

Karl Malone Training Center

525 E 200 S
Lehi, UT 84043

Do you have hotel recommendations?


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lehi - Thanksgiving Point
3701 N Ashton Blvd
Lehi, Utah 84043

Rate: $100/night (including taxes and fees)

Booking instructions: Choose the hotel option when paying the registration fee for an additional $250 per person. Room rate is $100/night x 5 nights = $500 split with another person = $250 per person. We will arrange for you to share with 1 other attendee (roommate requests are welcome). 

If you want to stay here but not share a room or have family or friends that want to book a room, call the hotel (385-336-8384) and reserve under The Dunk Camp room block or you can book online at this link


This hotel has great reviews, serves a very nice hot breakfast (eggs, waffle station, fruit, etc.), and has indoor pool and hot tub. The Holiday Inn is about a 10 minute drive (shuttle is available).

I am coming from out of town. What airport should I fly into?

Fly into the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). The airport is located about 35 miles from the training facility.

I am coming from out of town. When should I arrive and depart?

The camp starts at 8:00 am on Monday, June 22. We recommend arriving on Sunday, June 21 or before then if you are travelling from overseas. The camp will end with The Dunk Show on Thursday, June 25 at 9:00 pm. We recommend departing the next day on Friday, June 26.

If you sign-up for The Dunk Camp with the hotel cost included (Holiday Inn Express), your hotel reservation will be for checking in on Sunday, June 21 and checking out on Friday, June 26. If you need additional hotel nights, there will be an additional cost and will need to be arranged in advance. Email to adjust your hotel reservation and arrange payment for the extra days.

I am coming from out of town. How do you recommend getting from the airport to my hotel and getting around? Should I rent a car? 

Renting a car will give you the most flexibility but of course cost the most. There is public transportation available from the airport by both train and bus but has limited hours on weekends and can be a little confusing (requires multiple transfers). Visit for more details.

Our recommendation is to take Uber or Lyft and if possible share with at least one other person. If you would like to share a ride, send an email to and he will try to arrange ground transportation with a few others who have flights arriving and departing around the same time to help everyone save money.

Will there be a shuttle from the camp hotel to the facility?

Yes. If you stay at the Holiday Inn Express, there is a shuttle available (10 minute drive). If you stay anywhere else, you will need to arrange your own transportation to the facility.

Will any food be provided?

We will provide lunch and light snacks each day of the camp. You are welcome and encouraged to bring extra food and drinks. If you stay at the camp hotel (Holiday Inn Express), breakfast is included in your stay and there are several restaurants located nearby.

How many athletes will be attending The Dunk Camp?

To allow for as much individual coaching as possible, we are capping registration at 60 athletes.

Do I need to be able to dunk in order to attend The Dunk Camp?

No! That is one of the main reasons we created The Dunk Camp! At our first two camps, roughly only half of the attendees could already dunk on 10'. We have had 8 attendees so far land their very first dunk at The Dunk Camp which has been very special to be a part of! We anticipate many more landing their first dunks at our camp. We also have low-rim dunk sessions and contests!

How many inches will I gain on my vertical jump if I attend The Dunk Camp?

That is impossible to predict. However, 81% of our attendees at our 2018 and 2019 camp increased their no-step vertical jump from Day 1 to Day 4. And 75% of our attendees increased their full approach vertical jump from Day 1 to Day 4. With that said, most of your progress will happen after The Dunk Camp by following your 12 week training plan and applying what you learned at camp.

Will I be able to dunk by the end of The Dunk Camp?

We will have low and regulation rims so everyone will be throwing down sick dunks regardless of their current ability! :) At our 2 camps so far, we have had 8 athletes dunk for the very first time on 10 feet and even more guys land new dunks they had never done before! We anticipate a few athletes landing their first dunk at each of our camps which is an epic memory we are grateful to be part of. Check out this video of Jeht Perry's first dunk at our 2018 camp. What a moment!


June 22-25, 2020

Karl Malone Training Center
525 E 200 S
Lehi, UT 84043

Tel: 801-361-5368

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