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The first ever The Dunk Camp was held June 18-21, 2018 at the Karl Malone Training Center in Lehi, Utah. We don't know for sure what heaven will be like, but this had to be close! 

Here are some of the stats:

  • 48 athletes

  • 12 pro dunkers and trainers

  • 7 countries

  • 4 feet of vert gained in 4 days

  • 82% increased their no-step vertical from Day 1 to Day 4

  • 78% increased their full approach vertical from Day 1 to Day 4

  • 4 guys landed their first dunk on 10 feet

  • Tons more landed new dunks they had never done before

  • 3 dunk contests

  • 1 insane dunk show

  • Priceless memories and friendships

"The dunk camp is legit the best week of my life, it's unbelievable to have the opportunity to meet and learn from the best dunkers on the planet. It's just a dream come true. The encouragement and support from the dunk community is unreal!"

-Eugene Wong (Canada)

"Crazy to think before dunk camp and during the beginning I could barely get a one handed dunk. But by the end, I was able to throw down with two with ease and as well get a few lob dunks and vert dunks as well."

-Devon Henderson (NY)

"So stoked I finally got my first dunk. Thanks to all the guys for hyping me up and getting excited for me. So proud to finally be part of the dunking world. Shout out to CJ Champion, Jclark, and Isaiah for the perfect lob. You guys are my favorite pro dunkers, its such an honor to learn from you. Amazing moment in my life."

-Jeht Perry (UT)

"Unforgettable experience. A life changer for real."

-Doug Patterson (MI)

"The Most Fun Week Of My Entire Life!"

-Jason "Jaysmoove" McCoy (MI)

"Best camp ever and I'm not exaggerating. Can't wait for this to blow up. See you next year!"

-Dane Ibsen (UT)

"Most hype camp I've ever been to."

-Josh Rinker (CA)

"I don't know if everyone realizes how impactful this camp is for dunking, but to me its revolutionary and a huge push towards dunking becoming its own sport."

-Steven Celi (FL​)

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